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Dana Concert Series presents New Music with Avguste Antonov, Fall 2012

Dana Concert Series presents New Music

Bliss Recital Hall
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 8:00 pm
Friday, November 2, 2012 at 11:00 am Convocation

Tamp that Dirt: Garden Toccata

The Melancholy Rags, book 1

Dance of Spring (World Premiere)

Soirée Macabre


Upon the Water

  • by Joshua deBonilla
  • Avguste Antonov (piano)


Brass Hat Quartet (World Premiere)

  • by Jon Kurish
    Scott Miller (trumpet) / Tony Colella (trombone) / Mike Lynch (euphonium) / Travis Beatty (tuba)
    1. Toon World
    2. Dark Magician

Romance in A Major (World Premiere)

Through the Trees for Two Flutes (World Premiere)

  • by Colton Randall
  • Amanda Lawrence and Kristen Richter (flutes)

How Great Thou Art (World Premiere)

  • by Jesse Martin
  • Abigail McGlaughlin and Gwyneth Rollin (violins)
  • Natalie Sahyoun (viola)
  • Emma Weidenhamer (cello)

Duet for Two Flutes (World Premiere)

  • by Mike Lynch / Amanda Lawrence and Kristen Richter (flutes)
    1. Adagio
    2. Andante
    3. Allegro

Concerto #1 “Anti-Ares”

Starry Wanderers: Earthy Hope and Stillness at the Edge