New Music Festival 22 Guest Bio

Johnterryl Plumeri

Johnterryl Plumeri

Johnterryl Plumeri

Johnterryl Plumeri, known in the film industry as Terry Plumeri, was born in the Tampa Bay area of Italian, Scots, Irish, and Apache ancestry, and began his career as a string bassist, completing his Masters at the Manhattan School of Music under the Principal Bass of the New York Philharmonic while playing free-lance jazz. After a five-year stint in the bass section of the National Symphony and as a jazz and big band performer/arranger in the Washington, D.C. area, he decided to try Hollywood as a film composer. He ghosted for other composers for 12 years until going out on his own. Since 1983 he has composed 54 film scores for the movies.

Plumeri composed the music for One False Move which received Siskel and Ebert’s Film of the Year Award and was listed by the New York Times as among the best films ever made. His film scoring has accompanied such successful personalities as Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Darryl Hannah, Tom Berenger, Melanie Griffith, Peter Coyote, Virginia Madsen, Robert Patrick, Peter Weller, Lon Diamond Phillips, Jean Van Damme, Jennifer Beals, Charles Bronson, and many more.

Johnterryl Plumeri

Johnterryl Plumeri

Terry’s recent reviews as composer/conductor are listed on his web site: He serves as Principal Guest conductor of the Moscow Philharmonic, and has recorded extensively with that orchestra.

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